Monday, March 29, 2010

and the beat goes on

Today is one week exactly from our due date. My predicted date of March 27 has come and gone and then some, but Travis's April 1 guess on Thursday is still up for grabs. Grandma Kershaw is done with all her crazy travels, Grandma Adams isn't out of town for meetings anymore, and I am done with school for a couple of months, so I am officially giving her the green light to come greet the world. Which of course means nothing has happened :).

I have experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing that convinced me that I was in actual labor. Last night was the first time they actually hurt and weren't just breath-stoppingly uncomfortable, but still nothing that fits the description of actual labor pains.

We visited Dr. Maurus this morning for our 39 week check up. According to him, the majority of his patients deliver in the 39th week and "the rest" usually go the week after, so here's hoping we are in group A (or even group B, as long as we aren't in group C, the week after that!) The best part of the whole visit was when Barb was listening for the baby's heartbeat. The last couple of times they have put the little device up to my belly, she has shown some protest, but today she started kicking that little machine hard enough for the whole room to see, giving all of us a good laugh. Her heart rate went up a little when she did that, and Barb said that was a very good sign of health. I had also gained one of the three pounds I lost last week back, bringing my total to 19 pounds so far.

So now with work done for the next 8 weeks or so, it really is a matter of sitting and waiting. Here's to hoping my patience holds up :)

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