Monday, February 17, 2014

Furness Family Christmas

This year we celebrated the Furness Family Christmas on MLK Weekend. It's always nice to see everyone on this day. We headed to the pool for some lunch and swimming first. Eva had a great time splashing around, but Izzy was not enjoying herself. She clung to me like a spider-monkey the whole time we were in the water. We headed back to Grandma's for presents and more food. It's always great to see people we haven't seen since, so often, last Christmas, and give the kids time to get to know each other and play together. Unfortunately, Travis is one of the only family members that isn't retired or working for the government, so we had to head home after supper so Travis could work the next day.

Wearing Underwear Like a Boss

Isabel has been very interesting in people going potty and sitting on her own potty lately. I know it's completely crazy for me to think she could try potty training any time soon, but as long as she is interested I am playing along for sure. She's been finding pairs of Eva's underwear and putting them on over her clothes, so I bought her three pair of her own. She wore them once for about an hour and kept them dry, so I say that's a successful first go at it. She has even successfully peed in the potty on her own!

Regardless, I am sure this is a phase that will lose its luster soon. But I've captured the cuteness, anyway. :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cabin Fever

This winter has been pretty brutal, but the girls have certainly never been bored. Whether it's playing with their dolls, dressing up, watching movies, flying around like Ironman, or chasing the cats... they've kept busy. Still, I'm longing for the days where we can open up the sun porch and get some fresh air!