Monday, March 15, 2010

"Well, she won't be a SMALL baby..."

That's how he phrased it this afternoon at the appointment. He did make me feel slightly better by saying he didn't think she would be a 10 pound baby, but said she would most likely be larger than average and "certainly not small." My optimistic viewpoint? That just means it's a much higher likelihood that she will be a healthy, happy baby. She is still locked and loaded, as I like to call it, head down in the right position. My Strep B test can back negative, so no worries there. Blood pressure was good, fetal heartbeat was good, and my weight hadn't changed since last week.

Yesterday was my family and friend's shower for the baby. We got lots of cute things -- outfits, bottles, booties, blankets, baby swings, car accessories (backseat mirror, window shade, etc.), health and grooming kits, and lots more that I know I am forgetting! We have just about everything we need now, but mom and I are going to go pick up some of the registry items we don't have yet that we need tomorrow night before Travis and I head off to our final class: breastfeeding.

As far as baby development goes, a week from today she will be considered full term. Everything is for the most part set to go. It's now just a waiting game. However, if she were average weight at this point (which is still possible, right?) she would be about 6.5 pounds, the weight of our smaller cat Gizmo.

I can't complain too much about how I've been feeling. I have been getting tired more easily lately, so I've just been taking it pretty easy. However, I have been getting a bit of that nesting itch, as I have been cleaning closets and cupboards without really having even noticed I've started it, and Saturday I convinced Travis to help me tackle the garage, which hadn't been cleaned since we moved in.

I only have 9 more days of work until it's baby time -- and only 8 days of lesson plans, as Friday is a Teacher Institute Day. Time sure is flying by!

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