Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby shower!!

Yesterday was the Kershaw baby shower, and it was so great! There was an overwhelming amount of gifts from an overwhelming amount of people. Our baby got so many cute outfits (and a nice range of sizes too!), toys, blankets, lots of bathtime supplies, diapering supplies, and feeding supplies along with some of the big things we needed like the car seat, diaper bag, diaper bin, changing pad (with an awesome red cover the matches the bedding perfectly!), bouncy seat, jumper, and exersaucer. Aunt Jodie (so I guess Great Aunt Jodie now?) even embroidered a boppy slipcover and some burp cloths with Muppets characters to match the baby's room. Aunt Angie made the cutest little table decorations and found these huge, adorable paper flowers for decorations -- spring was definitely in the air :). We had yummy sandwiches for lunch and I got to catch up with some people I haven't seen since Trevor and Ashley's wedding. All in all, very great day! Travis and I had a blast going through everything again once we got all the gifts in the baby's room. I feel so much more prepared and at ease now having so much of these things in the room, washed, and ready to go. Next weekend is our last shower with mommy's side of the family and friends -- can't wait to see everyone there as well!!

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