Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 Months Old

Isabel turned 2 months old this week, and she has changed so much since last month! She's been trying to talk to us a lot more lately and she has started taking an interest in hanging toys and toys that play music -- two things her sister didn't care about in the least. She loves to lay and smile and talk to you, but a lot of times her laying sessions end in her spitting up. She has quite the sensitive stomach -- and for that matter ears and eyes -- so if she makes sudden movements it often ends in stinky spit up :(.
She hasn't been sleeping for as long of chunks of time lately, but I tell myself it's just because she's growing :). And it wouldn't be so hard to handle if Evalee wasn't getting up several times in the night now as well. I think she has a little bit of anxiety over splitting her time with her mommy and daddy. But that's okay -- we all have to adjust a little bit to our new life. 

We've loved watching her grow and change over the last couple of weeks, and I can't wait to spend her first Christmas with her in just a couple of weeks!

I'll be waiting for my owl...

Isabel got a lot of cute outfits as gifts, but none of them compare to how cute the Gryffindor Harry Potter outfit Aunt Ashley and Uncle Trevor gave her is! I'm hoping to get another photo shoot or two in before she outgrows the shirt -- hopefully one that will show off how adorable those little butt ruffles are too!

All smiles

With the Christmas season came some of those first heart-warming and beautiful smiles from Miss Isabel Grace.

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year...

... Christmas tree day! Every Thanksgiving weekend for my entire life, our family has cut down our Christmas tree. And now, since I have a house of my own, the tree goes up that very night :). This year we had quite the debate as to which tree to get, and we ended up with a different kind of needle that I've never had before. Once our tree was delivered by Uncle Keith - up it went and in went the movies! Unfortunately it wasn't the evening I had envisioned, since Izzy was very fussy and Eva was crabby and not listening to her parents. By the end of the night, all we got accomplished was getting the lights around the tree. Decorating was postponed until morning! But I guess that's what real memories are -- how you decide to handle the Plan B when Plan A never goes the way you anticipate it going. Plan B -- the opportunity plan.  :) We had fun hanging ornaments once we got up in the morning.


We had our Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house this year with the Adams side of the family. We don't get to see them very often, so it was nice to have just a small group to talk and play cards with. Eva wasn't very interested in eating or taking a nap, but she was definitely interested in catching up with her best friend, Blackie the cat. Don't worry -- the rest of us cleaned up the food just fine!
Welcome to the home Eva and Blackie share together in Grandma's backyard.

Chilling with her cousin, Cheryl

How we woke Eva up from her late, late nap

Isabel's baptism

Isabel's baptism was another reminder of how wonderful our family is -- we had a packed house at church to witness her joining our church and receiving the Holy Spirit. Izzy is blessed with 4 fantastic godparents -- Uncle Trevor and Aunt Ashley and Great-Uncle Keith and Great-Aunt Carol. Uncle Trevor volunteered to hold her during the ceremony, and even though she cried through the whole thing he handled it very well :). It was a chatty church service with all the extra people and toddlers in the congregation! We had lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house afterwards, and it was so great to have so many people we love all in the same place.