Monday, March 24, 2014

Gizmo - a girl's best friend/hated enemy

Evalee has been constructing elaborate schemes to catch our cats in their cat carrier. She tells me she wants to catch them and take them to Petco because she saw on their sign that they had dogs and cats and would like to exchange our cats for a dog. I have to remind her that they are family, and you cannot return family members for different ones. She reminds me that they throw up all the time. "Something is wrong with them," she points out.
I know, kid. I know.

And yet, at night Gizmo has started offering a white flag of surrender. Just as we wind down from the collection of books Eva heaps on our laps, Gizmo announces herself loudly as she strolls into the room and joins us on the bed. She allows Eva a few precious minutes of snuggle time. Eva is beyond joyful.

And then she is off to throw up on the stairs or knock things off shelves. And Eva is back to dreaming of ways to fool her into leaving the family.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Warming Up

We've finally been given a few days beautiful, gracious warmth and sun. Warmth in Illinois terms anyway. We took it.