Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, how our lives have changed...

For the last week I have been making a mental note to write a special entry on July 28 to commemorate the day we found out we were pregnant. Things didn't go as planned, however, as I had a very needy baby on my hands last night. But that very idea is pretty fitting for this entry, because if there's one thing I've really learned over the last year it's that things almost never go as planned. And sometimes that's okay.

We weren't expecting to find out we were going to become parents on that sunny day in July last year, but what a blessing it has been. The entire pregnancy was full of surprises, joys, and hardships. I poured over books and websites, determined to start off on the right foot by learning as much as possible about you and your development each week. I'll never forget those amazing nights where it felt like you were playing with us, giving us little kicks to let us know your two cents in our conversations and wiggling around so much we could watch you move. I also had to learn to slow down and re-prioritize, as I couldn't be the same person I was a few months before.

And then, after what felt like an eternity and a second at the time, you were here. And motherhood has been more wonderful and challenging than I ever could have imagined. I'm still learning as I go, as I expect I will always be, but I'm truly enjoying the journey.

So it has been quite the year -- I daresay the most eventful of my life so far -- but I wouldn't change a second of it.

The real question is: Where will we find ourselves a year from NOW? :)...

Sick! :(

Evalee hasn't been feeling quite like herself for the last 3 or 4 days. She has been very clingy and would shriek on the top of her lungs for what felt like hours -- it was a new cry, not her usual discontent. We thought maybe it was her teeth shifting based on other people's experiences, but finally this morning I decided enough was enough and we made an appointment to head into the pediatrician. I thought maybe she had an ear infection or something. She was so brave through her whole examination. She only cried when she tried to look at her throat, and the nurse practitioner said, "Oh wow, her throat is very very red." So we ordered a strep test (she was such a brave little girl through that too!) and waited for the results. It turned out positive, and I was almost relieved because we knew what was wrong and had a prescription in hand to make her feel better. Now after only one dose she's a new baby and seems much happier!Sleeping it off with Daddy
Just because she didn't feel good didn't mean she couldn't look good. Had to show off her little shoes that matched her outfit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy birthday Daddy!

Here are a few shots of Evalee and her daddy on his birthday! We didn't get to celebrate much on the actual day because he had to work, but we got some bonding time in before he had to leave!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving my toys

Evalee has been quite content lately to play with her dolls, blankees, and books. We keep getting $5 rewards gift certificates in the mail from Toys R Us, and that's just about enough to cover a board book so we have been getting her books. She loves to look at them and sometimes she even tries to turn the pages for me! We also put her in the Exersaucer again this week, and her toes are about a cm away from touching the bottom! I almost cried when she was able to figure out how to push the buttons to make the animals make sounds. She's just so dang smart :). We tried the jumper yesterday, but she was NOT a fan. I think once she's big enough to actually jump with it she'll like it, though :)

It was another very busy weekend, but we made it
through alive. We had a garage sale on Saturday, so Friday was spent pricing things with Grandma in the garage. Then Saturday was the sale. It was SO hot, but Evalee had a great time people watching and didn't mind the heat one bit In fact, the only times she got fussy was when we would take her inside to cool off. . Then we celebrated Travis's upcoming birthday by going out to dinner and a movie while Grandma and Grandpa watched Evalee. She was fussy for them as well until they took her outside. I think we definitely have an outdoorsy girl on our hands. On Sunday we went to church, took power naps at Grandma and Grandpa's afterwards, and then went to a party on a lake for the teachersat Orion. We were outside, so Evalee had a great time there too!
This blankee is definitely a favorite. It has some sort of bug on the top and she likes to suck on her little ears.
This is a doll that rattles from my friends Sylvia. She spends quite a bit of time each day grabbing her pigtails and giving her a good shake.

A bit taller this time around!

Evalee and Sylvia (matching) at the teacher party. Sylvia actually got Evalee this outfit too!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting stronger every day

We have been working with Eva's head control a lot over the past two weeks, and she's starting to get really strong! Travis got these shots right when he came home from work this week.

Busy weekends and lazy weekdays

The past two weeks have really been a lot of lazy days, just Evalee and I. I am finally getting settled into the routine we've established and am truly enjoying my days spent with my little girl. She is currently a big fan of books - we usually spend about an hour a day looking at all the various books she has accumulated. She also loves her blankees and little dolls that have been given to her, mostly because she loves to squeeze them and suck on them. For nearly a month now, Travis has been working day shifts (nothing permanent, unfortunately) and we have loved having time together as a family each night.

Last weekend was quite busy, however. It's challenging to go grocery shopping alone still, so we went together Saturday afternoon and then came home to quickly change and head out to a wedding. Two of my friends from high school finally got married (they've been together since our sophomore year, I think) and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Like it was out of a magazine. It was on Arsenal Island outside right along the waterfront. It was quite hot, but Evalee didn't mind the heat (I think she prefers it). We had fun introducing her to so many people from Rockridge and family friends that hadn't seen her yet.

Then on Sunday we made a quick stop at the Mueller family reunion, where Evalee won the youngest family member (Julie's fetus didn't count). And then from there, we braved yet another car trip to attend cousin JC's graduation party. We all piled in the same car together -- Travis, Evalee, Grandma, Grandpa, and I -- and off we went. Grandma and I sat in the back with our bag full of attention grabbers, but after 15 minutes or so of whining she fell asleep! We were so thankful and lucky to make it the whole way there and she was still napping. The party was beautiful. Aunt Denise kind of outdid herself ("I don't get to do a wedding with a son, so this is my only chance!"). The way home was a little more stressful. She was mad from the second we clicked her carseat in and eventually gave in to a nap for about an hour, but then she woke up about a half hour from home and there was nothing we could do to make her happy again. The big watery tears streaming down her face were enough to bring me to tears for a bit. But, we made it home and after a bath and a lot of cuddling it seemed as though she forgave us. It did, however, make me all the more nervous about the long, long trip to Kentucky we have ahead of us.

We haven't ventured anywhere since that trip. Evalee and I have been chilling around the house enjoying our time together. I've been drinking it all in, but I'm also getting increasingly nervous about not having our day care situation taken care of. I have called about 15 different places, none of which have openings for infants. I will be able to rest much easier once that is all settled.

Here are some shots from the weekend -- enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Daddy Makes Me Smile

Her onesie speaks the truth. She can be in the worst mood, but as soon as Travis hits that top step coming home from work, she is all smiles and excited to see her Daddy!

Bath time

We had to get a few pics after Evalee's bath last night just because I absolutely love her little hooded towels (and she loved trying to cram this one in her mouth as well).

3 Months Old

To my sweet little girl,

Today you are 3 months old. I truly cannot believe we have already spent a quarter of a year with you in our lives. It has been a very exciting and eventful journey so far. The first 7 weeks were hard -- lots of crying on both your part and my part as we both adjusted to our new roles in this world. Every time we discovered something new -- however big or small - about you, we rejoiced with much enthusiasm. "She loves the sound of the bathtub!" "She seems to like it when you hold her in this funky position." "You have to bounce her like this or she will never take the pacifier." There have been nights where I have just stood at your crib side, truly in awe of the beautiful little lady you are, and other nights where your Daddy has come home to the two of us, you finally sound asleep and silent tears rolling down my cheeks from a long day of trying to soothe you.

We slowly got to know who you are, and you slowly began to trust and love us as the weeks rolled on. So much joy has been gleaned from your early morning toothless smiles it washes away that first thought of, "Wow, I wish I could sleep for just about an hour more." Nothing makes me happier than when Daddy comes up the stairs from work, says hello, and you immediately break into your biggest grins of the day.

Everyone that sees you always comments about how tiny you are, but both your Daddy and I continue to be amazed by how big you have grown. You are starting to grab onto toys and show us how they work, you love to suck on soft things like your Bunny?Dog?Cow?, blankets, and your own clothing when you can work it out. You haven't quite mastered the art of holding your head up when you're on your tummy quite yet, but you're getting better and better at it every day. You love to see the world and demand that you be held in a position that allows you to do so every waking moment each day. You love to lay on our legs or on our bed and tell us long drawn out stories, and you grin so much when we respond as if we are having our own little conversation.

We love you so, so much little girl and we can't wait to see where the next 3 months brings us!

Monday, July 5, 2010

in honor of Uncle Tony...

We also celebrated the Force of July with this little number. :)

More beloved toys

Even though it is recommended for babies 6 months and older, Travis wanted to see what Evalee would do if we put her in her exersaucer. So, for our own amusement, we stuck her in. She seemed to really like sitting in it, but she just wasn't tall enough to enjoy the toys yet. Her tiny little legs couldn't even reach the bottom yet! I have a feeling that she will love it when she's a little bigger, though, because all the toys are her favorite characters from her Baby Einstein book -- the sun and the cow!

She also has developed a strong love for this dog/bunny/cow toy that attaches to the car seat. It's really the best of several worlds -- it's soft to cuddle, it rattles, and it has teething toys attached to it to chew on. What more could a 3 month old want?

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