Monday, March 22, 2010

Ding goes the oven

Today the baby is officially full-term, and to celebrate she has been extra-difficult all day. I have been trying to keep myself busy running errands and doing some last minute things so I don't spend my time sitting and waiting, but I have been forced to slow down the last couple of days because she has been pressing against some of my nerves and making it very difficult to walk, get dressed, lean in any direction, etc. Needless to say it made the school day extra long today, and I am now just hoping to get through the next four days relatively pain-free.

Things seem pretty ready around here. Our hospital suitcase is packed, the car seat is in the car, diapers are stocked up, a nice amount of clothes are washed and ready to go, I'm going to make and freeze a couple more meals tonight, and we've even started putting things together we may not need for a while like the stroller, bouncy seat, and the exersaucer because we have the time now and why not?

Saturday Travis and I took advantage of one of our last free days together to see Avatar in 3D and go out to dinner. We also got a few more things for the nesting mother in me (I thought we needed just one more pack of size 1 diapers, just in case the baby turns out to be massive) and we found the perfect onesie for visiting Uncle Tony when the time comes. But it was fun to get out of the house together, even if it was in the snow, and the baby very much enjoyed the movie (or maybe the movie theatre popcorn? haha) because she was kicking through the whole thing.

I'm very anxious to go see the doctor tomorrow. As unpleasant as I know it is, I really hope he decides to check to see if I'm dilated at all, although since it's our first one he may wait another week to check.

Travis just got word today that his schedule is changing back to Monday-Friday from 2-11 next week, so Gramma Kershaw: I am officially cool with her coming on Sunday now :). We shall wait and see! I'll update again after we see Dr. Maurus tomorrow and let you all know what he says!


  1. Maybe our 2 little ones would like to come the day! My due date is Sat and am SO okay with her coming anytime now! Hope your pain is getting better!

  2. You need to make sure you post at least one more belly picture before our little girl makes her grand entrance!! Also make sure you have the video camera charges and extra batteries for the camera!!

  3. Megan -- where are you delivering? I think it'd be pretty cool if we ended up there at the same time :).

    Molly -- the batteries are fully charged and staying on the charger, just in case they decide to drain on their own between now and then. The photographer in Travis wouldn't let such a task slip him by :). And I keep forgetting to ask Travis to take a belly pic when we're both awake! I remembered on the way to church on Sunday... but not by the time we got back. I'll write myself a note.

  4. Ahhhhh! It's getting close! I'm so excited!

  5. I am going to be delivering at Trinity. If I don't go before, I am going to be induced on the 31st. Hopefully I go before that, but I'm thinking she likes where she's at! :0)