Monday, May 27, 2013

Mama Bird! Mama Bird!

So far this year we have had two nests of birds in our tree in the backyard. Evalee was beyond excited to see the first nest. The not-so-bright Mama bird built her nest in the lowest crevice of the tree, which meant Evalee could look in on the three little blue eggs Mama bird nestled inside when Mama Bird was off getting food. Every night for a week, Evalee would sit on the steps of our porch, watching the Mama Bird sit on her eggs and telling her she was a good Mama. Unfortunately the eggs never did hatch, so we had to tell Eva that they moved to a new tree.
Luckily, another much smarter Mama Bird built another nest higher in the tree a couple of weeks later. Although it was too high to see the eggs before they hatched, it was just at eye level when we sat on the porch so Eva could see the little baby birds when they were born. She was beyond excited and visited them several times a day before they grew big and flew away. Now every time Eva sees a robin -- whether she is playing outside or riding in the car -- she calls out to it, "Hi Mama Bird! I missed you!"