Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Hot for Clothes

It has certainly been hot these last few weeks. I feel bad because Eva loves to play outside, but about 15 minutes in the backyard is enough to get our hair wet with sweat. Luckily, Grandpa obliged her this week by letting her play in a bucket of water. As you can see, a strip tease ensued.
Phase 1: Anticipation. Also, full clothed.
Phase 2: watching flip flops float requires a more breezy armpit.
And why keep pants on when you've already committed to being shirtless?
Also, why stay outside the bucket when it's cooler in it?
...and if they take your bloated diaper off for a second, run like hell.

2T. Really?

Somehow, my 50th percentile weight and heighted child is growing out of her 18 month clothes, or at least the 18 month shirts. Her pants are still falling off her hips. Anyway, we've been barreling through pants with blowouts the last couple of weeks, a nice side effect to her medications, so we ventured into her summery 2T outfits and found some that fit her quite nicely.

Adventures with Two Babies (for 20 hours or so)

Last weekend Travis and I got to babysit my cousin Abby's son, Drake, for the night. We were excited to snuggle with a little one for a bit, and it was our chance to get a taste of handling two kids at once. Eva was asleep when Drake arrived, so she was a little surprised to see him in the living room. It took a little warming up, but then she was excited and ready to play. Drake, however, was not too anxious to play with her. Travis and Drake were buddies for the evening, as he was the one that could make him laugh and keep him happy. Drake was such a good baby and we had lots of fun cuddling with him!

Phase 1: Acting like Drake wasn't there.
Telling Drake stories.
"Okay, so we'll sit together. But he's my Dad. Just so you know."
Giving Drake good night kisses
All smiles the next morning

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kershaw staycation

We had a special treat this weekend in the Kershaw house: Aunt Molly, Uncle Adam, Alex, and Amelia came and stayed with us for a few days! Even though it was ungodly hot outside, we managed to have a lot of fun and capture a lot of happy moments.

Eva was so brave at the splash park this time! Alex running through the water really braved her up!
But we did manage to climb up the hill a couple times, despite the draw of the water

Alex and Daddy with a Quad City "icon" -- the Centennial Bridge.
Our family
Having fun
He found a nice, cool spot to relax :)
The men watching the children play
He seemed to have a great time getting sprayed!
Pausing for a photo op
Cousins snuggling in their jammies

Watching the elephants take a bath at the zoo

Feeding the fish and the ducks at the coy pond

Alex saying "hello" to the birds

The giraffes got up really close to us this time! (Mama was excited.)
This photo truly encapsulates just how freakin' hot it was at the zoo.
The giraffe gave us a little half smile
Lovin that carousel

Mist fan + excessive heat advisory = awesome
Amelia loved the train ride. :)
Snuggling with my little ladies

Making music at the museum

Molly, Amelia, Alex, and Adam on the dance screen

Alex driving Miss Evalee
Alex calling Nana
Eva and Daddy getting shocked by lightning
They were go go going non stop
Eva driving Clifford's boat. I think it's her favorite thing there.
Riding the horsey
I caught these two playing in our shower
Dragging out toys and having fun together
Alex's best impression of Elton John
Amelia hanging out with her Uncle Travis

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