Tuesday, March 23, 2010

38 week check up

We saw Dr. Maurus tonight for hopefully one of our last weekly check ups. We found out I have lost 3 pounds since last week, which is listed in several things I have read as a sign that labor may be coming soon. My BP was good, the baby's heart rate was a strong 150 bpm (and she was kicking away at that monitor, making me laugh. she really is a fiery little one).

This time when he measured me he said she was "the perfect size" -- although he didn't tell us what that perfect size was -- and still head down in the correct position. He also informed us, as I suspected might be the case, he doesn't routinely check to see if his patients are dilated because, as he put it, "It doesn't really change anything, and it's quite uncomfortable for most women." So, we shall wait until contractions start or she's overdue to find out if we are dilated at all yet :). It's probably for the best anyway, knowing me!

Only 3 more days of school!

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