Sunday, May 13, 2012

Both babies' check ups

Evalee had her 2 year check up a few weeks late due to a scheduling difficulty. As expected, she still absolutely hates the sight of Dr. Moen. In fact, she is now smart enough to recognize the outside of the building the doctor's office is located in. I had to drag her in. She weighed 28 lbs and sized in at 33 inches tall. She still had a little back-up in her right ear, so we were told to keep a close eye on her. Dr. Moen was impressed with her vocabulary skills and letter recognition. Despite her screams and attempts to karate kick the nicest doctor in the world, I was proud of her.

Baby fetus is also making good progress. We had our 16 week check up last week. I continue to feel anxious and uneasy about how the baby is doing because this pregnancy has been so, so different than the first, so I was again ready to get in there and hear that beautiful little heartbeat again. So it only makes sense that I had someone new to the job attempting to find said heartbeat. After 7 solid minutes (and who knew 7 minutes lasted 38 minutes at times) of sweeping and poking and sweeping again, we got about 3 seconds of the baby's heartbeat, which was apparently enough to register 159 beats per minute and satisfy the nurse.  Me, I could have listened for a few more seconds.

17 Weeks pregnant.... 1 week until summer

Things have been so, so much better here in the lovely second trimester. I haven't felt nauseous for a couple of weeks now, which has made life so much easier from day to day. It was getting so old not being able to think of anything to make my family for dinner that I thought I could also stomach down, and not being able to do anything with Eva after I got home from work. Luckily, I have the world's best husband who never once complained about having random collections of odd food for supper or about having to give Eva her bath because I couldn't lean over the tub. And we got through it.
And now my appetite and energy store are growing just as quickly as my belly. There is only one more full week of school, and I am 20 papers away from 11 weeks of the last summer Eva and I have together just the two of us. I have visions of days at pool, visits to the park, bikes in the driveway, beautiful sidewalk chalk masterpieces, and bubbles. Lots of bubbles. 
We are only a couple weeks away from seeing our little potato (that's the size the baby is now) again via sonogram and hopefully finding out  if Evalee will have a baby brother or baby sister!

The only thing that is still a constant annoyance is my back pain. Sometimes I wake up with it and I have trouble walking all day, other days I can make it all the way through without any pain at all. I wish I could find a pattern. If it continues, Rita has recommended that I try a chiropractic treatment. We'll see how things go in the weeks to come!