Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eva lately in June

Some of the goofy things Eva has been doing lately...
Putting on her OWN sunglasses, Thank You.

Demanding you read her books. This she has always done, but now she lets you know how you should hold it, the angle at which you should sit to hold the book, whether or not you're holding it tightly enough, etc. If she isn't pleased, she takes the book and gives it to you again, as if to say, "Let's start from scratch here."

Cheesin' in her room

Watching Super Why while Mama makes breakfast. She's a huge fan.
Digging on the new snack I got from a blog -- banana cut in half with peanut butter in between, frozen with a popsicle stick stuck in.
She LOVES rocks right now. When we go to our backyard, she sits and plays with the pebbles. When we go to the front yard, she pulls the red rock out of the landscaping. And when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's... it's a wonderland of rocks. She better get her fill because it's going to be paved soon!
She has also started trying to trick the cats into liking her by bringing them their toys, enticing them with shoelaces and other toys. It's pretty hilarious to watch the torment the cats feel -- wanting to play but also keep guard.

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