Friday, June 3, 2011

Beautiful baby Amelia Marie

Last weekend, we got to drive down to Springfield to meet Miss Amelia Marie Kershaw. We were really excited to meet her on the day she was born. We got to Springfield a little earlier than the rest of the family was ready, which worked out because then we got to go pick up a present for Amelia. We thought it'd be cool for Evalee to pick out a new "baby" for baby Amelia. She found a bear she loved -- loved so much, in fact, that she wouldn't even let go of it so we could scan it. Needless to say we gave in and got her a bear of her own as well.
Then it was off to Chili's for lunch, where Eva was NOT interested in being seated or eating lunch, but mainly just running through the restaurant. After a couple of stops at a couple other places, we made our way through the hail and pouring rain to the hospital to meet our little niece. She was almost the exact same size as Evalee when she was born, but my mind could not wrap around that idea. I remember when Eva was born Adam and Molly both said they could not remember Alex being that small and I remember thinking, "How could I forget that?" Well, story checks out. The entire time I held her I thought, "Something about her must be smaller than Eva -- her head size, SOMETHING!" But in the end, that's probably not true. Our little girl was teeny tiny, and now she's a giant. I guess time really does fly.
Our day started with picking out a new Baby for our new baby. Eva picked out one for herself as well.
She's so very tiny!

Uncle Travis

Aunt Sara

Alex giving Evalee kisses

We brought some hair accessories to start her out right

I think he likes her :)

Eva needed to get up close and personal
She looks suspicious. I'd be suspicious of our family too.
I think we'll keep her.
Evalee giving kisses and making sure she's doing them correctly.
Needing to get a good view.
Mama Aunt Molly and her babies :)

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