Monday, July 4, 2011

"I'll do it myself, thank you."

Eva is so grown up now she can change her own diapers... or at least she thinks so. I caught her red-headed putting a new diaper in her dirty diaper pail one day and discovered a new game she enjoys: diapering herself. Here's the process:
1. Getting a new diaper out of the dresser. This involves tippy-toes, grunting, and blindly fishing for the prize.
2. Opening said diaper and running around the room with it. To freshen it up? This is a step invented all on her own.
3. Attempt to get the diaper attached to her body. This may be around her neck, like a necklance, around her waist like a belt, or stuffed in her pants.
4. Take off the diaper and throw it away. Now that I've caught wind of the game we lock the pail, so she has to settle for a half throw away.

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