Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Congrats to Jesi and Tim!

On Saturday the family went to see Jesi Mandle and Tim Housby get married. Jesi is Evalee's babysitter, and Tim is, well, the love of her life. For the last 9 months of her life, Eva has visited Jesi and Tim every day, played with their daughter, stolen her toys, ate a countless number of their puffs, and even snuggled on days she just wasn't feeling well. She's like a 3rd parent. So, it was fun to be a part of their big day!
The wedding was outside on a relative's GORGEOUS property. The weather was a little humid (okay, a lot humid) but the rain cooperated for us. Eva was really excited to be outside and to see her friends she hadn't seen all week, so she wasn't in the mood to sit through a wedding. She did let me sit long enough to watch everyone walk down the aisle and to have a pointing match with Ashlynn as she made her way down. After that, we stuck to the back and roamed free. Eva was so excited to see Tim. She kept shuffling through the crowd of people to find him and pull on his leg. And even though it was his wedding day and he had 101 other things to do, he always gave her a hug and talked to her for a bit. After the ceremony we stuck around for a bit to socialize and eat, but we left around 6:30 because Evalee was getting sweaty and crabby. All in all, great afternoon. Congratulations guys!!
Ashlynn found Evalee in the crowd!
One happy Housby family

Ashlynn giving Eva a little sugar
Jesi's kids, minus Ashlynn, she watches -- Kylie, Steven, and Eva

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