Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to the Museum, Clifford, and my first taco pizza

Yesterday it was still a bit wet outside, and I knew Evalee would throw a tantrum and a half when she found out she would be stuck inside all day. So, I decided to call up my friend Becky and take our kids to the Family Museum for some running around and good times. Even though it feels like we were just there, she was a totally different kid this second time around. Last time it took her about 15-20 minutes to be brave and let go of my leg to tentatively go explore. This time, I had to chase her through the exhibit. She climbed the tree house stairs, she danced on the dance floor, she slid down Clifford the Big Red Dog's back, she navigated a boat... there was no stopping her. That is, until Clifford himself showed up. We saw him coming and, silly me, I thought she'd be excited to see him as we watch him fairly regularly on PBS. She was interested in him, but she certainly did not want to sit with him. She took up her observation pose: squatting down on her haunches and refraining from blinking as much as possible.

Afterwards the kids were starving so we went down the block to a Happy Joes. Eva was quite cranky by this time from lack of food, nap, and the fact that she has some wicked diaper rash right now. She refused to eat anything -- no mac and cheese, no pizza pasta, nothin. AND she insisted on sitting on my lap. This made eating out (as usual) a real treat for Mama. I was so frustrated and impatient by the time the meal was over I was ready to scream. And then, out of nowhere, Eva decided to turn back around and start eating. Not the food I got her, of course, but my lunch. She picked the tomatoes and lettuce off one of my pieces and ate those first. This was strange enough. And then, she picked up the whole piece and started biting off pieces. I couldn't believe it. She ate almost a while piece all by herself and was perfectly content for the rest of lunch. As long as she still wasn't in that God-forsaken high chair.

Anyway, it was a great morning and her squeals of excitement lead to me purchasing a membership to the museum for a year. So now we can go whenever we want and all it will cost us will be the gas to get there!

Crawling across the bridge and bumpy hills in the toddler area. These were impossible for her in March!
"I don't have time for pictures, mother. I have things to get in the oven."

Driving Clifford's big boat.
Saying "hi" to Emily Elizabeth and admiring just how tall Clifford really is.
Catching up with the other E.E.

A little perspective shot of the giant Clifford. He had a slide on the other side and stairs up his back!"No Mama no!"
Observing that dog from a safe distance.

Mmmmm taco pizza.

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