Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Development: 14 months

Here are the words that I have noticed Evalee understand and identify at 14 months old:
1. outside
2. bath
3. Kitty/Cat
4.belly button
7. car
8. ball
9. Mommy
10. Daddy
11. fork
12. cup
13. juice
14. bear
15. Elmo
16. Big Bird
17. Ernie

For all of these things, she will either respond to what I'm saying or point to them in pictures or in the room.

Ways she communicates:
1. She says "ow-si!" for outside and does she own version of the outside sign.
2. She signs all done when she's finished eating and done playing in the bath.
3. She points to the cupboard with her food in it when she wants a snack.
4. She says "ba-ba" and pounds on the bathroom door when she wants to take her bath.
5. She points at any kitties she finds in books and says "ki...tty" (very slowly) and then always finds our cats in the room and points to them too.
6. She claps her hands when she's proud of something she just finished.

Things she can do:
She's been working on her writing and drawing skills. We've broken out the crayons a few times, but the crayons we have for her really aren't the greatest and they don't draw very vibrantly. I don't think she sees the colors she makes all the time, so she loses interest. Gotta go Crayola. She also draws on her MagnaDoodle. Mainly lines and dots, but she has attempted to draw circles a couple of times.

She can go up and down stairs very well now, but she now is trying to master walking up instead of crawling. Her short little legs just won't let her.

She will find her belly button and anyone else that ask's belly button and clap her hands if you ask her to.

She will pick out a book and bring it to you. Lately, she's been "reading" books to herself aloud in the back of the car.

Sometimes, she will even put something away if you tell her to.

She can lift her own shirt off and can get her own arms in her shirt after you get her head in. She can also take off her own pants and does so at random around the house.

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