Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outside! Outside!

Evalee is still a woman of very few words, but perhaps her most important piece of vocabulary (at least to her) is "outside." She says it surprisingly clearly and always does her version of the sign with it. She wants to be outside as much as possible these days. Which is nice, but hot. :) Plus, there isn't tons to do in our yard at this point for her, so she ends up doing things she shouldn't like attempt to eat rocks (again) or sand. We got a Cozy Coupe from my cousin Julie this weekend, so we will now have that to cruise around in the driveway with. We also have the swing, which she loves when she's in the mood for it. Katie gave her an awesome water activity thing for her birthday, and we've played with it a couple of times. It's really cool because it has all sorts of things on it to keep her busy. The only down side to it is that it requires continuous water so it's always very cold. So, our little wimp usually won'ot put more than her stomping feet in. :)
On Sunday Evalee and I washed my car. The pictures do a good job of explaining how that went.
Yesterday we played on the porch with her bubble machine. She loved to get her face right where the bubbles come out, which of course resulted in her being a sticky, soapy mess by the end of our adventure. Daddy and I washed her hair in the sink really quickly before he left for work!

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