Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day with the Kershaws

We met up with all the Kershaw family in Peoria again this year for some swimming, food, and time together. It was nice to see everyone and get a chance to celebrate Alex's 2nd birthday. Oh what a fun little man he has grown into. It's amazing to think how much that little guy has changed, learned, and grown in the last year!

Baby Amelia was still a tiny little peanut, but a pretty cute and snuggly one!

Amelia snuggling with Aunt Angie
I asked Alex to give his mama kisses. This was his response.
Alex and his new Toy Story couch. It's super comfy.
Alex and I were taking pictures of each other taking pictures.
Evalee and Grandma
Evalee was trying to explain to Uncle Trevor how the 3D glasses work

Eva was in love
Naptime was a definite need.

Playing with Alex's new grill

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