Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventures with Two Babies (for 20 hours or so)

Last weekend Travis and I got to babysit my cousin Abby's son, Drake, for the night. We were excited to snuggle with a little one for a bit, and it was our chance to get a taste of handling two kids at once. Eva was asleep when Drake arrived, so she was a little surprised to see him in the living room. It took a little warming up, but then she was excited and ready to play. Drake, however, was not too anxious to play with her. Travis and Drake were buddies for the evening, as he was the one that could make him laugh and keep him happy. Drake was such a good baby and we had lots of fun cuddling with him!

Phase 1: Acting like Drake wasn't there.
Telling Drake stories.
"Okay, so we'll sit together. But he's my Dad. Just so you know."
Giving Drake good night kisses
All smiles the next morning

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