Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Parakeets...

Yesterday Grandma had the day off, so we took advantage by packing up and heading to the zoo for the morning. Evalee enjoyed herself again this time, taking an interest in a few different animals this time. We went into the parakeet area -- I was more brave this time -- and Eva got to tell all the birds stories. She was excited to be able to get so close to them, but I was relieved to go through the exit. Birds truly freak me out. She liked seeing the giraffes, the lions, and the monkeys. We took a ride on the carousel again this time, although Mom picked a bad animal to ride. It shuddered as we went down every time, which made Eva a little mad. But she still had fun riding and waving to Grandma as we passed her by with each rotation. We rode the train last, and it put Eva in total relaxation mode. I think we were in the car for about 15 seconds when she fell asleep! All in all, great morning! Thanks Grandma!"So when's the train gonna start, Mom?"
Clapping her hands in excitement to be riding the train!
Cooling off with a little mist fan action
"And what animal am I riding again?"
No fear when it comes to the carousel
Saying hi to the biiiig kitties
Hanging with Grandma at the zebras
Watching the giraffes have some lunch
Giving the parakeets directions to our house
"Just take a left at the light. It's super easy."
Giggling over those darn elephants

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