Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Picture Day

With the foreboding wall space coming with my parents' tremendous addition onto their house, my brother and I decided to gift my mom and dad some contributions towards some professional family photos to hang in the new giant room. (or as it's known right now: Evalee's running space) Outfits were purchased. The yard was manicured. Plans were made. Evalee had a doctor's appointment. Oh hell.

Shots have never bothered her before. Occasionally she might get a little irritable, but one dose of Tylenol and she was brand new. Not this time. This time, she woke up from her nap after her 15 month check as if she had been dropped from her crib. Eric was on his way home early, so we had plans to have dinner and play cards at Mom and Dad's. We went, and Eva clung to her paci and her bear the entire way there with the world's most pathetic face on. She continued to not feel well for a good chunk of the night, but by bathtime she seemed to feel better. I hoped and prayed it was all behind us.

Saturday morning came and with it came whatever it was that was bothering her. She just wasn't herself -- very cautious, lethargic, clingy. Not exactly picture friendly. She wouldn't even let Grandma or Grandpa hold her for pictures with them, which is pretty crazy. Still, I remind myself of her birthday shoot, which was also teamed up with a sick baby, and those turned out great. So, we are hoping for the best! I had a lot of lofty goals involving lots of wardrobe changes, but, as I continue to learn and relearn, things do not go as planned quite often in the parenting world.

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