Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick! :(

Evalee hasn't been feeling quite like herself for the last 3 or 4 days. She has been very clingy and would shriek on the top of her lungs for what felt like hours -- it was a new cry, not her usual discontent. We thought maybe it was her teeth shifting based on other people's experiences, but finally this morning I decided enough was enough and we made an appointment to head into the pediatrician. I thought maybe she had an ear infection or something. She was so brave through her whole examination. She only cried when she tried to look at her throat, and the nurse practitioner said, "Oh wow, her throat is very very red." So we ordered a strep test (she was such a brave little girl through that too!) and waited for the results. It turned out positive, and I was almost relieved because we knew what was wrong and had a prescription in hand to make her feel better. Now after only one dose she's a new baby and seems much happier!Sleeping it off with Daddy
Just because she didn't feel good didn't mean she couldn't look good. Had to show off her little shoes that matched her outfit.

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