Sunday, July 4, 2010

Evalee's first wedding

We took Evalee to her first wedding reception on June 26. We decided to just go to the reception rather than risk her starting to scream during the ceremony. The wedding was for our friends Shane and Jessi and it was very pretty! Jessi made all of the decorations for the reception herself, including over 2,000 oragami paper cranes. The colors were red, black, and white, which are 3 of the 4 colors in Evalee's room, so we now have 3 or 4 of those paper cranes adding to the decor of her room. She was very good through the whole reception, and even fell asleep for a little while, thanks to Aunt Ashley's bouncing skills. When the music started and the DJ started up his lights, she was in heaven with so much commotion to watch. We danced to When Doves Cry as a family, and Evalee gave us big beautiful grins the whole time. Daddy said the smiles were just because we were dancing, but I like to think she likes cheesy 80's Prince music instead :). It was another long car drive, 3 hours total, and she was not pleased to go back in the seat for the way home. She cried for about 1/3 of the drive home and then finally gave in and fell asleep. I wish she'd start liking the car a little more soon because it's practically the only time that she gets really upset anymore these days. All in all, successful first wedding.
Evalee and Uncle Trevor

Dancing with Daddy and Mommy

Asleep with Aunt Ashley
Our family

She has also been sticking her hands in her mouth even more lately, and sometimes it produces some really entertaining faces.

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