Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Months Old

To my sweet little girl,

Today you are 3 months old. I truly cannot believe we have already spent a quarter of a year with you in our lives. It has been a very exciting and eventful journey so far. The first 7 weeks were hard -- lots of crying on both your part and my part as we both adjusted to our new roles in this world. Every time we discovered something new -- however big or small - about you, we rejoiced with much enthusiasm. "She loves the sound of the bathtub!" "She seems to like it when you hold her in this funky position." "You have to bounce her like this or she will never take the pacifier." There have been nights where I have just stood at your crib side, truly in awe of the beautiful little lady you are, and other nights where your Daddy has come home to the two of us, you finally sound asleep and silent tears rolling down my cheeks from a long day of trying to soothe you.

We slowly got to know who you are, and you slowly began to trust and love us as the weeks rolled on. So much joy has been gleaned from your early morning toothless smiles it washes away that first thought of, "Wow, I wish I could sleep for just about an hour more." Nothing makes me happier than when Daddy comes up the stairs from work, says hello, and you immediately break into your biggest grins of the day.

Everyone that sees you always comments about how tiny you are, but both your Daddy and I continue to be amazed by how big you have grown. You are starting to grab onto toys and show us how they work, you love to suck on soft things like your Bunny?Dog?Cow?, blankets, and your own clothing when you can work it out. You haven't quite mastered the art of holding your head up when you're on your tummy quite yet, but you're getting better and better at it every day. You love to see the world and demand that you be held in a position that allows you to do so every waking moment each day. You love to lay on our legs or on our bed and tell us long drawn out stories, and you grin so much when we respond as if we are having our own little conversation.

We love you so, so much little girl and we can't wait to see where the next 3 months brings us!

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  1. Awww, what a sweet entry Sara! These will be so fun to look back on as the years go by.


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