Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving my toys

Evalee has been quite content lately to play with her dolls, blankees, and books. We keep getting $5 rewards gift certificates in the mail from Toys R Us, and that's just about enough to cover a board book so we have been getting her books. She loves to look at them and sometimes she even tries to turn the pages for me! We also put her in the Exersaucer again this week, and her toes are about a cm away from touching the bottom! I almost cried when she was able to figure out how to push the buttons to make the animals make sounds. She's just so dang smart :). We tried the jumper yesterday, but she was NOT a fan. I think once she's big enough to actually jump with it she'll like it, though :)

It was another very busy weekend, but we made it
through alive. We had a garage sale on Saturday, so Friday was spent pricing things with Grandma in the garage. Then Saturday was the sale. It was SO hot, but Evalee had a great time people watching and didn't mind the heat one bit In fact, the only times she got fussy was when we would take her inside to cool off. . Then we celebrated Travis's upcoming birthday by going out to dinner and a movie while Grandma and Grandpa watched Evalee. She was fussy for them as well until they took her outside. I think we definitely have an outdoorsy girl on our hands. On Sunday we went to church, took power naps at Grandma and Grandpa's afterwards, and then went to a party on a lake for the teachersat Orion. We were outside, so Evalee had a great time there too!
This blankee is definitely a favorite. It has some sort of bug on the top and she likes to suck on her little ears.
This is a doll that rattles from my friends Sylvia. She spends quite a bit of time each day grabbing her pigtails and giving her a good shake.

A bit taller this time around!

Evalee and Sylvia (matching) at the teacher party. Sylvia actually got Evalee this outfit too!

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