Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy weekends and lazy weekdays

The past two weeks have really been a lot of lazy days, just Evalee and I. I am finally getting settled into the routine we've established and am truly enjoying my days spent with my little girl. She is currently a big fan of books - we usually spend about an hour a day looking at all the various books she has accumulated. She also loves her blankees and little dolls that have been given to her, mostly because she loves to squeeze them and suck on them. For nearly a month now, Travis has been working day shifts (nothing permanent, unfortunately) and we have loved having time together as a family each night.

Last weekend was quite busy, however. It's challenging to go grocery shopping alone still, so we went together Saturday afternoon and then came home to quickly change and head out to a wedding. Two of my friends from high school finally got married (they've been together since our sophomore year, I think) and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Like it was out of a magazine. It was on Arsenal Island outside right along the waterfront. It was quite hot, but Evalee didn't mind the heat (I think she prefers it). We had fun introducing her to so many people from Rockridge and family friends that hadn't seen her yet.

Then on Sunday we made a quick stop at the Mueller family reunion, where Evalee won the youngest family member (Julie's fetus didn't count). And then from there, we braved yet another car trip to attend cousin JC's graduation party. We all piled in the same car together -- Travis, Evalee, Grandma, Grandpa, and I -- and off we went. Grandma and I sat in the back with our bag full of attention grabbers, but after 15 minutes or so of whining she fell asleep! We were so thankful and lucky to make it the whole way there and she was still napping. The party was beautiful. Aunt Denise kind of outdid herself ("I don't get to do a wedding with a son, so this is my only chance!"). The way home was a little more stressful. She was mad from the second we clicked her carseat in and eventually gave in to a nap for about an hour, but then she woke up about a half hour from home and there was nothing we could do to make her happy again. The big watery tears streaming down her face were enough to bring me to tears for a bit. But, we made it home and after a bath and a lot of cuddling it seemed as though she forgave us. It did, however, make me all the more nervous about the long, long trip to Kentucky we have ahead of us.

We haven't ventured anywhere since that trip. Evalee and I have been chilling around the house enjoying our time together. I've been drinking it all in, but I'm also getting increasingly nervous about not having our day care situation taken care of. I have called about 15 different places, none of which have openings for infants. I will be able to rest much easier once that is all settled.

Here are some shots from the weekend -- enjoy!

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