Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Big Girl Bed

We have been slowly changing Evalee's room to accommodate our new baby room. As luck would have it, my mom's boss had some bedroom furniture she wanted to find a good home for and we were more than happy to take it off her hands.

Unfortunately, she seems to be missing her old bed/getting jealous of the new room already. Ever since I unpacked some of the baby stuff and we set up the crib in the new room, Evalee's been playing in there several times every day. I'm hoping she's getting it out of her system now and the jealousy will subside by October!
We didn't have time to put sheets on before the maiden nap.

Putting her baby to bed.

Getting together a little ambience for her baby with the swing music.

Playing in the exersaucer again. Ridiculous.

She was so, so excited to see her new Toy Story bed.

She kept saying, "Woo-Woo!! (Woody)"

Her new desk and hutch (the hardware is a work in progress.

Her new dresser.

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