Monday, June 11, 2012

21 week check up

This morning I went in for our 21 week check up. I was looking forward to going in so I could talk to Rita about the placenta previa and the cramps I've been having. I weighed in at the same weight I've been since week 10, which is good. The nurse found that little heart beat in an instant this time, which was good. It was rocking steady in the 150 bpm range, as usual. Once I got to see Rita, we talked for a while about how I've been feeling and the cramps I've been having in the afternoon. She was a little more concerned about them than I anticipated her being. She reminded me that the baby will be viable in less than 3 weeks and asked me to call her if the cramps started getting more intense. She gave me a list of vitamins she wants me to take in addition to my prenatal vitamin to hopefully lessen/end the cramping and boost the baby's neuro development. She also ordered another ultrasound for Wednesday to check to see if the placenta has irritated my cervix  or if I have a short cervix. I'm not sure at the moment what a positive result of either of these findings would entail, but bed rest is a possibility, which seems impossible for my life at the moment. I'll definitely be anxious to go in on Wednesday and get some more information!

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