Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving summer

After the first couple of weeks where we were getting into the swing of things, this summer has really been a lot of fun. Evalee and I are trying to make the most of every day, playing outside in the backyard, going to the park, trying (and failing) to enjoy the splash park, taking trips to the zoo, and still keeping up with our favorites: watching movies, putting together puzzles, and eating popsicles. There are still days where naptime is a big fight, but it's getting easier and easier to get her to lay down. Her vocabulary is growing every day, and she is getting easier to understand on a nearly daily basis. We've been getting the baby's room ready lately, and she has enjoyed the room makeover. I think she thinks it's another room for her because she loves to play in there now. It's getting closer and closer to being ready for our little girl to arrive. My goal is to have most everything in order before school starts. It will be hectic enough as it is...we have a pretty jam-packed fall already! We also have to make new daycare arrangements, which has me stressing on unearthly levels if I sit and think about it for more than a couple of minutes at a time. So, the room is readying now :).

Speaking of the baby, she has definitely been making herself known in last couple of weeks. She loves to wiggle around late at night and serve as a pillow for her big sister. I'm hoping both of these facts change themselves once she's here :).
Making rainy day cookies with Mom.

The only way she'll brush her teeth well is if Travis does it with her.

Adding her own touches to her sister's room.

She sure loves Daddy's tools.

Feeding her baby during her morning cartoons.

Her favorite at the dry part of the splash park. It spins and spins and spins.

Too cool.

This is about as close as we've gotten to the water at the splash park.

A particularly beautiful nap hair day

Saying "Yee haw!" like Jessy at the zoo

Enjoying her toast (untoasted bread) as Toy Story, no doubt.

I grabbed this Connect 4 at a yard sale because it's a family favorite and we don't have it. Evalee loooves to put checkers in and dump them out.

I took this picture because I felt like she looked old this day.

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