Monday, November 9, 2009

"Eat Fresh" week

The baby has officially made it to the length of my favorite sub at Subway, the Italian BMT. This one pictured isn't on Italian Herbs and Cheeses bread, but I suppose it'll do. This week the baby's kidneys are fully functioning. I personally find it a bit gross to think about the baby peeing openly -- into the amniotic fluid or not -- inside my body, so I'm not belaboring this point too much. I know it's nature and all that, but it's still kind of gross. Neurally speaking, the baby's brain is really working on sensory functions this week. It's really starting to process and react to sounds and light/dark sights. Even though all the experts don't agree, I know that the baby really can hear me at this point so I don't hesitate to talk to it while I'm roaming around the house. I'm sure the cats think I've gone crazy.

Speaking of the cats, they have really starting taking a liking to the ever growing baby belly. Gizmo loves to curl herself up to it at night and purr her little heart out, making my belly vibrate and on several occasions, making the baby move around a little bit. It'll be interesting to see how they react when we bring the baby home.

This week baby and I won't be having too much time to bum around the house with the cats, as the play opens Friday night (Friday the 13th! Am I daring or what?) I can't tell you how excited I am to know that in a week's time, the play will be finished and I can come home and STAY home every night after school. My goal is to start painting the baby's room over Thanksgiving break. Then we can order the carpet, the furniture, and the bedding and really get this ball rolling. I'm hoping that by the end of Christmas break, the baby's room will be set and ready to go. I have a feeling time is going to fly with a million and one things to do during those last couple months before the baby arrives, and the more things I can get out of the way now while the baby belly is still manageable, the better :).

The baby has also been moving fairly regularly, at least every other day or so. I haven't managed to pinpoint a pattern to it yet -- like a certain time of day, certain type of food consumed, or action being performed or anything like that. I hope I discover something over the next week so I will have a battle plan going into that sonnogram. One way or another we have to get that baby dancing for us! :) The coolest moment of the baby moving so far was when it happened to finally be moving around when Travis was home and he got to feel the little flutters from the outside. Now we're just waiting for one of those big kicks I've been warned about!

So, I suppose that is all for now.Tune in next week when we will have new sonnogram pictures of the baby and maybe, possibly, hopefully a sex to reveal as well!


  1. Haha Sara!!! You're so funny being grossed out about the baby peeing - I agree though, I would be feeling the same way! Ooooh so excited to hear if it's a boy or girl! Will you be in Orion after Thanksgiving - the 28th or 29th? I will be out there then and I'd love to come by!


  2. I am! And I'm actually hoping to have a NIU frirends Thanksgiving on the 29th for people to come by and eat and see the house -- if you're free then, you could stop by and have some turkey!