Sunday, November 15, 2009

counting blessings and growing to the size of a Red Bull

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart.
Jeremiah 1:5

If there is one experience that has strengthened my relationship with God, I would have to say this pregnancy would be it. Although I was greatly looking forward to becoming a parent in the near future and have always desired to be a mother before all else in life, I never planned to become pregnant this summer. But God had a plan. I see the good this baby has brought into our lives already before it is even born, and I have no doubts that God has a wonderful purpose for our child. It is supposed to be born exactly when it will be. It will have the exact personality it supposed to have. It will be exactly the gender it is supposed to be - boy or girl. The fact that God has a plan for my life isn't a new thought for me -- it's an idea I have grown up with since before I can remember. But now this idea has been strengthened by experience. He has provided for Travis and I at every turn of our life together as we have needed Him to -- willed the both of us to attend the same college to meet each other, provided for us when we had bad part time jobs and lived on Spaghettios, provided Travis with his first job, me with mine close to my family, Travis a new job in the area before we had to make tough living arrangement decisions, a home for us to live in and save money, another home to truly make our own at the exact point in time we needed it, and now, a little life to celebrate and cherish every day. Yes, this year at Thanksgiving, I will truly be thinking about all the blessings our Lord has provided me and my family.

So, I'm taking those thoughts in with me to our sonnogram tomorrow. As I understand it, this will be our last glimpse at our baby until it comes to greet us in 4 1/2 months. I will drink in all the moments we have watching our baby dance on the screen, and I'm not going to worry for a minute whether or not the baby will allow us to find out what it is. If it resumes its Indian style position, I'll know there is a reason. If it bears it all for the room to see, I'll know there is a reason. Regardless, I'll leave the room with a smile on my face if all we learn is that our baby is normal and healthy.

Now, onto the usual weekly updates....

The baby has grown to the size of a favorite for both mommy and daddy: a can of Red Bull. In fact, there have been 3 of them in the fridge since we found out about the baby and they have been all too tempting to me during the last 4 1/2 months! My sources tell me that from now on, the measurements given will be from head to toe, unlike the last 20 weeks that have been from head to rump. The baby now stretches an impressive 11 inches from head to toe! This week the layers in the baby's skin are starting to form, and its digestive system is getting a workout.

This week was a crazy busy and stressful one, and I am so glad it is over! It was full of late faculty meetings, long and nerve wracking play rehearsals, quick food on the go, parent teacher conferences, and the play performances. So, I decided on Saturday to schedule myself a prenatal massage to celebrate having survived the week still intact. It was so awesome. I think if I won the lottery, I would definitely make weekly massages my luxury item. I would highly recommend getting one to any pregnant woman. And if I can sweet talk my husband into it, I think I might get one more at the end of the pregnancy. :)

The baby has been moving around a bit this week, but I still don't think I've felt a definite strong kick. The books I read tell me it can happen anywhere from 18-22 weeks, so I know I just have to be patient.

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the pregnancy. I can't believe it -- honestly. I'm really looking forward to this second leg... and mostly, what (and who) will be waiting at the finish line!

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