Monday, August 3, 2009


As each day passes one thing grows more and more intense: my NEED for a nap. I haven't experienced a lot of the other "first six weeks" symptoms I've been reading about, but I am making up for it in the tired department. I find myself ready for a serious power nap around 2 and usually am out cold for two hours straight. I am hoping the stress of moving and getting school stuff ready has more to do with it than anything and once things settle into a familiar routine it will be better. If not, getting through this school year might be quite the challenge!

I am also very anxious for Saturday to come. I can't wait to move into OUR house and start settling in. Even moreso, I'm looking forward to telling our families about the baby. Talking to them all on the phone this week has been really hard-- especially when they ask if there's anything new going on! We of course have our worries about how fragile things are in the first trimester, but there's no way we can keep the news from our parents until mid-September! So ill just keep eating my spinach and cheese and doing whatever else I can to make sure our little donut sprinkle (that's the size the baby is right now) stays good and healthy!

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