Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dropping the news and the new house!

Saturday finally arrived and we got to move into our new place! Both of our families came out in the ridiculous heat to carry our massive amount of stuff into our house and I couldn't be more grateful. It worked out perfectly that everyone was in the same place at the same time so that we could let our families know about the baby. Everyone seemed pretty excited (some more shocked than excited, but I'm sure they're getting there :) ) I can't blame them -- I was pretty shocked myself.

I was also glad Travis decided to tell everyone at lunch instead of dinner, as we had originally planned, because I really started to lose steam in the afternoon. It was the first day in a couple of weeks I didn't take a nap, and by 8:30 I could barely keep my eyes open!

On Monday, Katie came down to help us paint. I woke up feeling kind of queasy and progressively felt worse as the day went, so my poor painting skills were put on the back burner and I kept myself busy with more Sara-friendly tasks, like folding and organizing towels and sheets for the linen closet. Katie and Travis did an amazing job though -- the kitchen looks awesome!

Travis took vacation this week, so we have been working on odds and ends this whole week. I've slowly slipped into a pattern of feeling queasy when I wake up, better after I move around a bit, tired by 1:30, and napping for a good hour and a half. Then after my nap I either feel great and full of energy or lethargic and mopey. It's really frustrating to me because I like to keep busy and get things done, and all this fatigue is making things move a LOT slower. Luckily Travis has been more than understanding about the whole situation and has been patiently working alone when I'm just not feeling up to it.

I'm really worried about how things will go once school starts on Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to get into a routine where a nap fits in regularly and I'm able to sneak in some snacks throughout the day to keep me going! All the information I've read and most of the people I've talked to say that my energy will return with the second trimester, so I'm pulling through by reminding myself this state of being is only temporary.... :)


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