Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evalee lately August 2011

Eva has been up to a lot of new and funny things lately. She has really started taking a liking to her crayons, although she likes playing with them more than coloring with them usually. She was a little rough with her normal sized crayons, so we put them up and took advantage of lots of back to school sales and got some Jumbo crayons that her little fists can't break. She has ventured into trying to color things she shouldn't, but thankfully so far it has just been her own toys and not the walls.
She has also started pretending a bit lately. A few times now she has found her nail clippers and she brings them over to me and insists on my foot so that she can "clip" each and every one of my toes.

Clipping her toenails...
... and clipping mine.

She doesn't like clothes very much at the moment. Any chance she gets, she slides out of her shorts and tugs on her shirt to get it off and over her head. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly tired, I oblige her and let her run around in her diaper.

About two weeks ago she started regularly counting to 3. She says it "wuuuuuh, two (clear as a bell), weeeeeee". She almost always expects something to happen on 3, so sometimes I find myself thinking fast to appease my audience. I know she understands what she is doing too because when she's playing by herself she will point and count her toys (starting over once she gets to 3) or the holes in her hungry caterpillar book (where it all began). When we do the stairs she always counts each step and when she gets to 3 she often just repeats 8 until we get to 8. Then she applauds herself. It feels so cool to watch her do such a "big kid" thing as counting, even if it is just to 3.

We sing the ABCs a lot because she LOVES the Super Pig alphabet song on Super Why. She likes to dance to the song and says a pretty good "A, B, C" at the start of the song before just grooving along.

She still loves music, most especially the music on her favorite PBS shows: Super Why, The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That, Curious George and Sesame Street. Just t his afternoon she was watching The Cat and started singing "Go go go go go..." along with the theme song. She also occasionally will spout out noise during hymns in church or along with the music in the car. Booty shaking also usually occurs.

There is a dog at her new sitter's house and he has become her best friend. From what I understand, she doesn't do a lot of interacting with the other kids but she and the dog are side by side all day. It cracks me up that she went from being absolutely terrified of dogs to loving them, wholly and with a little too much might. Luckily, this dog can take an "Eva pat" or two and is a good sport with her. The cats, for the record, still hate her.

This is Gizmo blending in with the furniture and praying to not get noticed.

She has also gotten to be fantastic with her shapes. She can easily identify a circle, triangle, square, and star. She can say circle and star if you catch her in the right mood. She can get every shape in her Tupperware shape sorter finding the right spaces with little help, and a few times she has put every single one in with no help at all.

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