Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anniversary party

This weekend we attended my Aunt Sue and Uncle Larry's 50th anniversary celebration. My Aunt Denise was hired to take family pictures and candids and such for the events, so she had her lights and stools and the whole works there. Evalee was smitten, especially with the stool. She liked to spin in a slow circle saying, "Weeeeee" the whole way around. Then once she faced the camera (or her audience, she wasn't picky) she'd say, "CHEESE!" She wasn't excited to do this when Denise was snapping shots, of course, but she did manage to cooperate for a couple for Travis. She and Daddy buddied around all night, which was very nice because then I got to catch up with cousins I don't get to see often. It doesn't seem like there is going to be a fish fry this year with all the construction going on at my parents' house, so this was our chance to see each other until... well, probably next summer. Oh, busy-ness.

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