Monday, April 11, 2011

It had to happen eventually...

Eva had to display her true Kershaw colors eventually and start getting ear infections. Last week she woke up around 12:15 crying, and by 1 a.m. it was a full-on SCREAM fest. There was nothing either of us could do to make her comfortable, so by 3 a.m. we made the decision to pack up and head to the ER. I was of course in tears, but Daddy was the strong one (of course). Luckily, we got to Coal Valley and Eva finally gave in to a little sleep. We drove into Moline to get some early morning food before coming back home just to make sure she'd stay asleep. It was more of a rough morning when we got back, but we managed to make it to 9 a.m. -- the magical time the Dr.'s office opened -- with a little teamwork and Tylenol. We managed to sneak in an appointment and were off to find the remedy by 10 a.m. Prognosis: an infection in the left ear, ruptured ear drum in the right ear. We were told to expect high fevers, loss of appetite, and crabbiness for about 3 days. She was certainly justified in saying so.
We spent the rest of the day cuddled in the living room having a Sesame Street marathon. I KNEW she wasn't feeling well since she sat on my lap without moving for over 3 hours. Thursday we went back to work, but Eva didn't feel back to herself. We took Friday off to celebrate her birthday, but it kind of turned into more sick cuddling. We did manage some fun -- we opened presents and took a trip to Monkey Joes. I think she had some fun overall, even though her face in pictures didn't always show it :).
She didn't have an appetite and wasn't in the mood for much fun all weekend, but today she was finally acting herself again so I'm hoping we're out of the woods!

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