Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blocked Tear Duct Blues

We knew it was probably going to come, but I was still truly bummed to find out last week that Evalee has to have surgery on her blocked tear duct next Friday morning. It's a very routine surgery and not something a rational person would be concerned about, but I'm freaking out. I feel it's my job. I know it's a fluke when things go wrong on such basic, everyday surgeries like these, but the very thought of my baby girl under anesthesia makes my stomach hurt. I just keep telling myself she'll be much happier once it's over and her eye isn't bugging her anymore, and I'll be much happier when I can finally stop explaining to every new person we talk to (and now that Evalee has taken to saying "Hi!' to every person that makes eye contact with her, this number continues to grow) that it's a blocked tear duct and not some crazy contagious baby infection. Still, I'm not feeling ready. But, if I know Evalee, I'm sure she'll be the strong one making me smile before we head in so that I can feel a little more brave that day. Who knows, maybe I'll even walk out with a Dora sticker if I play my cards right.

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