Monday, April 4, 2011

Drew and Alicia's wedding

Last weekend we drove down south for Drew and Alicia Hawkins's wedding! We timed our departure so that we could enjoy the afternoon playing with Alex and catching up a little with Adam and Molly (and catch Eva's naptime in the car), which worked out wonderfully. Alex and Eva were like long lost best friends: chatting at each other, giving hugs and kisses, and sharing (for the most part. We need to work on that) toys until it was time to go. Then we loaded up in Molly and Adam's new SUV and drove the next two hours down to Grafton. The location for the wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and we got to see the whole park because of a bit of a GPS snafu, haha. That ended up working out well for us, as we then got to stand in the back and the kids could crawl and walk around and not be a distraction to anyone. We then took advantage of the beautiful view to snap a lot of photos before heading inside to sit down for our meal. The kids were very good and entertained the lot of us until our food got there. Eva kept pointing to the door that led to the balcony and I wanted to check it out myself, so we went out there to take a few more photos before heading in to get our dance on. The music started around Eva's bed time so she didn't dance for too long before wanting to snuggle into my neck and be held, but she had a great time while she did. Then we left for Williamsville around 9:30 and got back around 11:30. Eva didn't get her nightime bottle so she woke up when we got back very mad at the world, and even after her bottle and some snuggles she didn't give back into sleep until around 1 a.m.
We got up the next morning to share some PopTarts with Alex, watch some Cars, and play with his ever fascinating NEW toys. The weather eventually got warm enough to sit outside and play on the porch! When the rest of the family made it back to Springfield we all met up for a yummy lunch before hitting the road again to come back home.
Trying to make Alex laugh outside playing.
Hanging out just before we had to leave.
With my aunts (minus Aunt Angie!)
There's a bit of family resemblance there. Not much, but it's there :).
Looking off into the distance.
Sharing a smile with the bride.
...and groom.
...and Grandma.
...and Uncle Trevor. Okay, here's more of spoon than a smile.

Us. <3

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