Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?

I see a birthday girl -- Evalee! Our Brown Bear themed first birthday party was a pretty good success considering our birthday girl wasn't at 100% again after her ear episode. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day, as we reached record highs in the 80s that day. Aunt Angie arrived in the morning to help Mommy gather together the good and her sanity. The weather really started to warm up just as the guests started to arrive, and after the food was all prepared we were able to play a little outside and then open presents. She got so many great and thoughtful gifts from everyone, and it was just great to have some many of the people we love in one room. After gifts we had an awesome spread of food and lit the candles on Eva's first birthday cake. Even though she wasn't feel up for smashing into a piece like I had hoped, she did have a few finger dips into some frosting. Then it was a dip in the tub with Alex before passing out with Mommy and Grandpa. Thanks to everyone for coming and making the day so special!

Her birthday girl dress that I just had to buy her. She really hated wearing it, as the long skirt cramped her crawling style, so we eventually changed.

The cake table and decorations. Evalee is a big fan of the flowers, so they are still on our dining room table.
My first attempt at a birthday cake. Big thanks to Abby for all her help with it!

Playing with her new bubble machine from Aunt Molly!

Opening presents with Mommy
Enjoying the warm weather


We will have to try playing in the tub with Alex again sometime with a less crabby version of Eva.

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