Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Summer; Hello new clothes!

Just as summer came to a close, Evalee started slowly breaking in her new set of 6-9 months clothes. Some of the outfits are still too big for her and some of her 3-6 months clothes still fit, but we are enjoying the variety and excitement that a new stack of clothes brings :). We had a couple summery things in 6-9 months that I don't think she will get to wear very much, so we made sure to show off a favorite before the cold wind comes!

Evalee has sure been working hard and getting big and strong this last week. On Sunday she sat all by herself with no help from us or pillows for over 5 minutes playing with her puzzle. And each day she gets closer and closer to crawling. She will flip over onto her stomach and rock and push to get things, but hasn't quite moved forward yet. Tongith she even got up on her hands and knees for a moment or two, but quickly plopped back down. She has figured out that she can turn herself sideways and roll several times to get where she wants to go though, and several times this weekend she rolled across the room after some toys and kisses. We thought it could be any day that she takes off on those little knees, so we went out and got a gate for the stairs this weekend and Daddy installed it with almost no swearing. :)

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