Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 Months Old

This week Evalee turned 5 months old! I'm not sure why, but 5 months old just sounds so old to me. She's growing up so fast! Her personality has really started to shine this month. She likes to laugh with her daddy and have long serious talks with me on our drives home from the sitter's. We have been working on sitting up on her own, and today she could sit by herself for a good 20 seconds or so until she lost her balance. She has also learned to throw things on the floor to have us pick up, which is only occasionally cute. Her more patience-trying habit she has developed lately is grabbing people's faces (necks, hair, beards, noses, lips, eyelashes... she's not picky) so hopefully that will be a short-lived phase. She is getting more and more independent, learning to entertain herself and allowing other people to hold her.
Loves she has developed lately have been for the bathtub and her mesh feeder. Every night I give her a frozen peach inside her feeder and she sucks and gnaws at it like we haven't fed her in days. She is to the point now where she sees the feeder and starts getting excited. Then it's off to the bathtub, where Friday we laid her on her back - sort of by random chance for a second - and the water was shallow enough that she could lay there without the water getting near her face. She had an absolutely awesome time scooting around in the tub on her back and entertaining her mom and dad (all while washing the soap out of her hair). So, that is how we have been giving her baths all weekend and she couldn't be happier. I'm thrilled she likes baths this way because it is SO much easier than the way we were doing it.
This last month has been the most exciting month of all so far, watching her grow and change into a little person with a cute giggle and a sense of humor. She has yet to fail to amaze me one single day.
Here are some pics from the day she turned 5 months old!

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