Sunday, September 12, 2010

Annual (we've decided) trip to Tanner's

Last year Travis and I went to Tanner's Apple Orchard because a friend of mine went on and on about how great it was, despite the little bit of a trek it is to get there. So finally we were convinced and went to see what it was all about. We had such a good time last year we were already planning this year's trip before we had left, imagining how fun it would be to bring our then still unimaginable little baby with us. We wanted to catch Honey Crisp season because we missed it last year, so we knew we needed to go in September. So we decided to go for Grandma Ruth's birthday on Saturday. We all had so much fun (even though the Honey Crisp season was over -- missed it again!) and we loaded up on apples and other things that are terribly bad for you but have apples in them so they must be at least sorta okay. :) We had to stop on the way down for lunch, so we ate at a park we found and couldn't resist taking Evalee on a few of the park's features. She wasn't as excited as we were, but next year maybe we'll have to make the stop again...
It was a little chilly in the morning before we left, so I decided to dress Evalee in jeans for the first time. We thought she looked so old, but so cute. Sounded like a recipe for a photo shoot.

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