Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, what to wear? What to wear?

Evalee and I decided to try on various outfits trying to decide which to wear to her first big official photo shoot ( at JcPenney... but still). So I of course had to take some myself in hopes to get some votes from Travis. These two are my favorites...Sportin' the flower headband from Grandma Adams.

Hanging out with Mom on the porch


  1. These are so cute & she looks so much like your mom in the first one!

  2. Aunt Terri would be so proud! Albeit a big ass headband rather than a big ass bow--but cute none the less!!

  3. Thanks Megan -- I wish I would have been more on the ball earlier and booked you to take some back when you were still available! I love looking at all the pics you post!