Monday, August 23, 2010

Family, family everywhere

Things have been a bit crazy around the Kershaw house so I haven't been updating like I should. The entire month of August has really just flown by! At the beginning of the month we took a trip down with Uncle Adam, Aunt Molly, and cousin Alex to see Uncle Tony in Kentucky. We took a car DVD player (something I said I would never purchase before I had kids. Phsh what did I know) and it really kept her entertained for the bulk of the trip. It was so good to see Uncle Tony for a while, but man were we all glad to be back home!

Last weekend we made the trip down to Virden for Great-Grandma Furness's 80th birthday celebration. We took lots and lots of pictures and are anxious to see Aunt Angie's when she gets done with them! We finally got to meet little Mr. Paxton, who is even more adorable in person, and exchange more than a few words with Cody's fiance, Aby. Everyone that hadn't yet got to meet and hold Eva and she was very good all day. That happy mood wore off once we were on the road, so we were once again happy to finally pull into the ol' driveway.

The next day was the first day of school for me and the first day of daycare for baby Evalee. I was so worried about her all day, but she did so well. She never cried for Jesi and was all smiles when I came in the door. Every day she got better and better taking the bottle and eating baby food, by the time Friday came I felt like she had grown up so fast in a week. Friday night she got a little bonding time with her Uncle Eric, who she hadn't seen in a very long time, and she was snuggled and spoiled all weekend :).

We continue to be amazed by the small things she learns to do each day. She can sit up almost entirely on her own now (she still needs an elbow pillow from lean to lean), she makes the "B" sound when she's really telling you stories, and she giggles really hard when you tickle her in just the right spots with kisses.

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