Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play time

Evalee has really started enjoying playing with more of her toys lately. She can hold on her rattle all by herself now, and when she gets a good grip she can shake away for a long time. Today she even grabbed a hold of it on her own for the first time! She also still really loves her Baby Einstein book. We look at it 4 or 5 times a day every day, and 98% of the time it relaxes her so much she fills her diaper, which makes us laugh every time (sorry for that one, future Evalee). She has also been chewing on a teething ring, eating her Kermit doll, and making faces at her Grover doll.

This week she has also been cooing and talking a lot, especially with Dad when he gets home from work. We've been so spoiled because he has been working day shifts since last Thursday, so we have been able to enjoy his company every night this week! Eva loves to lay on his legs and tell him about her day. I think Daddy likes to listen to it too, if I had to guess.

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