Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy birthday Alex!!

After Grandma and Grandad Kershaw's visit, we turned around and made our first trip to Virden the next weekend for cousin Alex's 1st birthday party. It was bug themed, since Alex is Aunt Molly's little buggy. It was a beautiful day, although a bit hot. The drive to Aunt Molly and Uncle Adam's went smoothly! I sat in the back with Evalee and we looked at books and talked until we stopped to grab a quick lunch (for all three of us). Luckily, since Aunt Molly and Uncle Adam moved, their house is barely over 2 hours from ours so the drive goes pretty quickly with a stop in the middle.

The party was so much fun -- there were so many people there to love on our favorite little one year old. Evalee got to meet more family she hadn't met yet -- Great Grandma Kershaw and Aunt Sandy, plus she got to see family she hadn't seen in a while again like Aunt Angie and Aunt Ashley and Uncle Trevor. She also got to meet most of the Hawkins family, which was long awaited. Eva was so good for the party -- she let people pass her around, sat with Grandma and Grandad Kershaw for a couple of hours, and even let Grandma give her a bath (although that was slightly protested by our little girl). After she finally tuckered out for the night, we got to catch up with all of Aunt Molly and Uncle Adam's friends that we hadn't seen in a long time! It was so much fun and a much needed break from it all for both of us.

Then on Sunday we got up early so we could make the drive out to Virden to visit First Baptist Church. Grandma was definitely anxious to show Eva off to the crowd, even though Eva wasn't in the happiest of moods through the service. She got to meet Gerry and Della, Mike and Janis, and all the other special people at church. Then we went back to Grandma and Grandad's for a yummy lunch and hung out there for the afternoon before getting in the car and heading back home.

Uncle Adam left a few things of Alex's at Grandma and Grandad's, and we left a couple baby items we were going to borrow at their house, so we stopped by there on the way back. I was feeling pretty good about the drive, as she was pretty good all the way to Aunt Molly and Uncle Adam's house. We stopped and cooled off inside and Eva ate a little bit. But once we hit the road again, she was not ready to go back in the car. She cried and cried, which turned into wailing and wailing, which turned into choking on her own wailing allllll the way home. We stopped and had dinner in the McDonalds parking lot and took her out of her seat for a bit, which calmed her down for the time being. But as soon as those straps were tightened again, she was back to the same ol' song and dance. In a desperate attempt to appease her, I gave her a bottle when we were about 45 minutes from home. That turned out to be a very huge mistake, as she threw up about 2.5 ounches back at us -- all over her and her car seat, which made her even more upset. Needless to say after we got home (and got a bath) she was ready to be cuddled and to fall asleep.

I'm a little discouraged by her hatred for the car, as I enjoy taking her places and seeing people. I hope once she can turn around and face forward she will enjoy it a lot more. I just can't stand to hear her cry so hard for so long -- it breaks my heart mentally and well, from a nursing mother's standpoint, it hurts physically as well.

We don't have tons of pictures because our camera battery died on us, but luckily Aunt Angie and Ashley got a few for us!

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