Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going back to work, a visit from Grandma and Grandad

Life has been pretty crazy around the Kershaw house for the last two weeks. I went back to work, leaving Daddy home alone with the baby for the first significant chunk of time all morning. Then Grandma Ruth came at lunch time to relieve Daddy for enough time to shower and eat before heading off to work. My prep period is during the lunch hour and the longest chunk of the day, so I decided to come home during lunch to feed her and cut down on the pumped milk demand. We all survived all seven days, though some were better than others. It was nice to get a little practice run in before the school year starts in full swing in the fall. Finding a place to pump was tricky at first (the first day I pumped in my good friend Becky's , the PE teacher, bathroom in her office, which is more like a closet with a toilet. It was standing room only and about 150 degrees, so I found a new place for the rest of the week haha. I'm not the cheeriest person when I don't' get enough sleep, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well I functioned on about 5 hours of sleep each night. It eventually caught up with my by the weekend, though, and I was getting pretty tired and crabby by Friday night.

Fortunately, we had a special treat to perk up the slump of the week: Grandma and Grandad came up to visit. They came up on Friday night and Eva was already asleep when they got here, but they still got to love on a sleeping baby. Then Saturday morning Travis and I went and got massages because they were having a half off weekend (and how can you not go when you get an hour massage for $30?), so Grandma and Grandad got to babysit for the morning. We took advantage of being out and about and baby-less by shopping for cousin Alex's birthday present, getting Daddy a MUCH needed new phone, and grabbing some lunch to bring back home. Then Saturday afternoon we hung around the house (Mommy got a nap in! Woo!) and then we had good dinner on the grill (steaks and grilled potatoes! My favorite!). Then it was a heated game of Scrabble with our new deluxe board (yard sale find for $2!)and I got last place both times, as usual :).

Other than that, Eva's colic seems to be getting better. We have found some VERY specific ways she likes to be held and bounced, and so we get through it each day. Still looking forward to that day when she outgrows it though... :)

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