Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Yesterday was Daddy's first Father's Day and we spent the day with the Kershaws in Peoria. We went swimming for a while and then hung out in the hotel together doing the usual complaining about high schoolers (the curse of having 3 high school teachers in the immediate family) :) It was nice to see everyone again so soon and we even lucked out with the car ride this time -- I lulled Evalee to sleep on both trips!

This weekend was a bit crazy beforehand. Thursday night was Travis's first night away from the baby. He was on special assignment with the Iowa National Guard in Minnesota. He had a really good job, but unfortunately got less sleep than he usually does with a two month old. Then Friday night was MY first night away from the baby, as it was my best friend's bachelorette party in Naperville. I was worried sick about leaving her because she has been refusing to take a bottle for the past week, but Grandma was getting her to eat a little as I was leaving so I maintained composure. I fought back tears for the first part of the drive away, but then I swallowed them and told myself to try to enjoy the break. So, I did the things I can't when she's around: I cranked up the radio really loud, opened the sun roof, and sang at the top of my lung for most of the drive. I had a lot of fun with my friends, but I was very happy to come home to my little girl on Saturday morning.

Then Saturday night we celebrated Father's Day by going out to dinner (Evalee was so good sitting on our laps at the table!) and did a bit of shopping. She has really started to love Baby Einstein music and books, so I decided to get some more music and one of their DVDs to try with her. I saw that they have a Baby Sign DVD as well, so I'm definitely going to be purchasing that when the time comes that we start signing!

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